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Volkovysskij myasokombinat, OAO
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History of Enterprise Volkovysskij myasokombinat, OAO

The Volkovyssky meat-processing plant is put into operation in 1964 and is one of 25 meat-processing plants which were purchased for currency and constructed in the territory of the former USSR. The initial number of working made 412 people. Enterprise capacities during start-up made:
— on meat: 43 tons per shift;
— on sausages: 5,5 tons per shift;
— refrigerator capacity: 2480 tons of simultaneous storage.

Throughout all production activity on meat-processing plant capacities were constantly increased, modernization was carried out.

From year to year at the enterprise more high-performance processing equipment was installed, transport was got.

In 2010 process of packing of semi-finished products is mechanized; the range of the let-out semi-finished products is expanded; the equipment meat - fatty shop (a separator, a fat cooler, a vacuum copper) is replaced that promotes stability of quality of products; reconstruction of left-luggage offices of the frozen meat with replacement of refrigerating appliances is carried out that allows to use the refrigerating areas more rationally; recertification of the HACCP system is carried out that confirms quality and safety of products which are turned out by the enterprise.

All works on reconstruction, carrying out capital repairs are conducted at the expense of own means and not to lose sales markets, without stopping productions. As result, not only volumes in sausage and culinary production are increased, but also additional workplaces are created, working conditions of working are improved.

As a result of all stages of modernization of enterprise capacity make:
— on meat and an offal: 70 tons per shift;
— on sausages: 20 tons per shift;
— on meat semi-finished products: 8 tons per shift;
— on production of dry feeds: 2,5 tons;
— refrigerator capacity: to 1860 tons.

 At the expense of the got profit a number of objects of the social sphere are put into operation: the dining room, a health center, club, a gym, the swimming pool with a bath, greenhouses and subsidiary farm. The hostel and 2 houses is built.

In the territory of combine there is own water tower, station of deferrization, stroytsekh, a boiler room, transport shop.

The network from 12 company shops acts on the enterprise now: Volkovysk "Patch", Zholudev St., 49a and "Balychok", Oktyabrskaya St., 151, item Zelva "Company", st. of Kirov, 6. Bridges of "Pachastunak", Sovetskaya St., 42, Mr. Shchuchin "Company", Ostrovsky St., 1, Grodno "Volkovyssky sausages", Antonov St., 25a, "Volkovyssky No. 1", Nikolaev St., 62, "Volkovyssky No. 2", Oktyabrskaya St., 3, Minsk "Pachastunak z Vaukavysku", Mayakovsky St., 176, "Pachastunak z Vaukavysku No. 1", Yesenin St., 17, "Pachastunak z Vaukavysku No. 2", Myasnikov St., 17, Gomel "Pachastunak z Vaukavysku No. 3", Mezhdunarodnaya St., 35 

The quantity working at the enterprise makes about 1,5 thousand people.



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